XMG Four-Sport Kit for up to 18 students

Contains: XMGames Playbook©, 1 each XMF, XMS, XMB, XMB2 Game Instructions©, 1 each XMF, XMS, XMB, XMB2 Full Color Overhead®, 3 each Laminated XMF, XMS, XMB, XMB2 Gameboard® and player pieces for games. XMG Black Line Recording Sheet, and a Single Dice Bag with 45 dice: 3 regular die; 3 30-sided die; 3 1-20 die; 3 Two-Function die; 3 Four-Function die; 12 (0-9) dice; 6 (00-90) dice; 6 (1-12) dice; 6 fraction dice.
Algebra Supplement Instructions outlining many more ways to play the game such as: Multiplying Binomials, Trinomials, Absolute Value, % Increase, Pythagorean Theorem, Linear Equations and more. 6 XMG Algebra Dice Bags: 12 Integer dice, 6 exponent dice, 6 double dice, 6 three-in-a-cube dice, and 6 Solve-for-x dice included.

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