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Xtreme Math Games Playbook©


Contains rules, over 30 variations, management and teaching strategies, actual game situation, and reproducible pre and post assessments. See the Algebra Supplement for more in depth Middle School Concepts.

Book Contents
Prime Factorization And Factoring Using The “LADDER” Method, Addition-Facts to 18, Addition-with Regrouping, Addition-3 Addends with Regrouping, Addition-Double-Digit Numbers, Subtraction-Facts from 18, Subtraction-Facts from 18 with Regrouping, Subtraction-with Zeros in the Subtrahend, Multiplication-Facts to 144 (working on specific facts), Multiplication-Facts to 144, Multiplication-of Tens, Multiplication-of Common Decimals, Division-with Remainders, Division-3 Digit, Dividends with Remainders, Division-Across Zeros with Remainders, Fractions-Recognizing and Naming Fractions, Fractions-Recognizing, Naming, and Simplifying Fractions, Fractions- Recognizing, Naming, and Simplifying Improper Fractions, Fractions-Adding and Simplifying Unlike Fractions, Fractions-Multiplying and Simplifying Fractions, Fractions-Dividing and Simplifying Fractions, Fractions-Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Fractions-Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing, and Simplifying Simple Fractions, Integers-Adding of Integers, Integers- Adding and Subtracting of Integers, Integers-Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing of Integers, Algebra-Solving Algebraic Equations using Addition, Algebra-Substitution for Variables and Evaluating Expressions, Algebra-Evaluating Equations and Solving Equations, Geometry-Calculating Angles of Parallelograms, Geometry-Calculating Angles in Triangles, Making Change-Making Change from a $20, Making Change-Making Change from a $100

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